Even voorstellen .. Nancy Onofrio

My name is Nancy Onofrio and I am a member of the TEDx Apeldoorn creative team.

Why am I so super excited about our theme this year? Because I am both eternally intrigued and way too familiar with this crossing borders business. Having moved continents twice so far in my life, I can tell you one or two stories about the challenges and the feelings that accompany it, the unavoidable transformations that come with it and at the same time the possibility to start fresh, listen to your heart and reinvent yourself all over again.

The line-up we are preparing for you this year is nothing short of incredible and even I can see that crossing borders is perhaps one of the most interesting subjects to explore.

Are you intrigued but not sure what you can expect from our event? Three years ago I attended my very first TED event and of course I did that in Apeldoorn. I was expecting to go listen to a bunch of interesting talks but I left with so much more. The whole day I felt like time stopped for a while for the small group of people that were present. I felt totally intrigued and taken care of. My thoughts and beliefs were challenged and shaken at times by the speakers. I was stimulated not just mentally but also visually and emotionally. When the event was over I felt like I had been wrapped in a bubble for a few hours left to play and explore. It was refreshing and extremely inspiring.

Intrigued? See you on March 22nd next year