This is TEDx

TED stands for Technology – Entertainment – Design. Architect and graphic designer Richard Saul Wurman was the initiator of the first TED meeting in 1984 in California. He saw that the worlds of technology, entertainment and design were growing even closer to each other and invited influential people to speak about these topics.

The ‘TEDtalks’ became a phenomenon and in the nineties the range of speakers and subjects expanded and the ‘overall’ idea was to cultivate understanding and awareness and to show applications of science that could contribute to a better world.
Speakers present, in a maximum number of minutes, their idea, experience of project that they think the whole world should hear about. The content of the lectures does not contain a heavy theoretical cost, but is accessible to a wide audience.

The x of TEDx
Since 2009, TED meetings have also been organized at the local level in the Netherlands: the TEDx meetings, where the x stands for the local character and independently organized. An organization must apply for a license and strict guidelines apply. For example, the TEDx events can not make a profit and there is a maximum number of visitors of 100.
The first Dutch TEDx took place in The Hague. Many cities followed and since 2015 TEDx takes place in Apeldoorn!

TEDxApeldoorn is an annual event where we invite people with ideas and initiatives from science, business, the social sector and daily practice as a speaker or as a visitor to connect, initiate a movement or at least get people involved.
The talks at TEDxApeldoorn are made available to the worldwide international community and are therefore in English. The mutual discussion is focused on our Apeldoorn community and will therefore also be in Dutch.

Pitch Night

For our 4th event on March 22, 2019 we are looking for inspirational speakers for our line-up! Always had the dream of speaking on a real TEDx stage? Now is your chance! Come to our Pitch Night on November 28 and share with us your idea worth spreading within this year’s theme: Crossing Borders.

On this page you can apply for Pitch Night. Hope to see you there!